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How AccessLatch Improves Accessibility to Fenced Community Playgrounds

Fenced playground to keep children safe

Most parents of small children would agree that the growing trend towards fenced community playgrounds is a positive move. The addition of a safety gate system such as MagnaLatch provides peace of mind, as it offers an additional layer of safety to prevent children from getting lost or wandering into a dangerous situation, such as a nearby road or waterway. However, for parents, carers and grandparents who are of short stature or in a wheelchair, the height of the latch on safety gate systems is generally out of reach, which means they are no longer able to enter the space independently. 

However, the good news is that there is now a solution that allows this group to enter their favourite park or other fenced facilities with zero fuss, while also keeping kids safe. The AccessLatch is a simple and affordable add-on unit for MagnaLatch safety gate opener, which can be easily implemented by councils and community groups to new and existing fenced playgrounds.

The AccessLatch attaches to new and existing Magnalatch® safety gate systems and doesn’t require any complicated installations or ongoing running costs or maintenance. So to find out the key benefits of the AccessLatch and discover how it can make your fenced community playground more accessible, read on.

Easy to install on both new and existing safety gate systems

Access Latch & Magnalatch ML3ATP

To provide the most enjoyment, it’s essential that community spaces are easily accessible to people from all walks of life. Whether you are in the planning stages of developing or reshaping a new playspace, or have an existing fenced playground in your region already, with the addition of the AccessLatch, your fenced community playground can become instantly accessible to people of short stature and in wheelchairs.

Installing the AccessLatch does not require any major investment in cost, time or effort which is a big plus when you’re working for an organisation with a strict budget process and limitations. It can simply be added to the existing MagnaLatch opening mechanism as required, which makes it suitable to roll out to all fenced community playgrounds and spaces in your zone.

Smart design with no power source required 

Another big plus is that the key-operated base of the AccessLatch does not require a power source or batteries to function, which eliminates much of the ongoing maintenance and operation costs. The design includes a standard PD lock barrel suitable for restricted access keys. It can be opened with an MLAK(R) key, which allows access to people with disability with ease. Alternatively, the barrel can also be re-keyed to a unique lock if preferred where restricted access is required. 

High-quality Australian-made product that’s built to last

When installing safety and security features to public spaces, it’s essential that high-quality products are used. This is a big factor in minimising unnecessary maintenance and replacement costs due to avoidable damage and premature wear and tear. Materials used within playgrounds need to be long lasting and durable, especially the entry and exit points that experience high traffic and frequent use. The AccessLatch ticks both these boxes, providing you with peace of mind it will withstand the daily rigours of heavy use. It is 100% Australian-made from quality materials and is designed to comply with all the relevant Australian standards. Another value-add feature is that it comes with a 10-year replacement warranty, so you can be confident that any faults will be rectified promptly and with no out of pocket costs.

Make your playspace accessible to all with this affordable, no-fuss solution


MagnaLatch Round Postt Adaptor Kit Exploded

As a community, we have come a long way when it comes to providing equal access to all, yet there remain many situations where some people are unable to freely use facilities due to an unsuitable design. For those it impacts on a daily basis, it causes a great deal of unnecessary frustration, and it’s important that we work hard to continue to address these situations as best we can.

For people of short stature and in wheelchairs, unsuitable child safety gate systems make life harder—but with the AccessLatch now available, there is now a simple no-fuss solution to making your community playground both safely fenced and accessible to all.

To learn more about the AccessLatch or any of our other products, contact our team on 1300 994 890. We’ll provide expert advice and guidance on the most suitable solutions for you, to help you provide equal access to all in your community.

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