Smart Home Automation FAQ

Do you provide an electrician?

We can recommend authorised resellers and suitably trained A-Grade electricians who can supply and install the complete solution. Meaning you don’t have to do a thing!

Is the device configuration difficult or time consuming?

No, our intuitive first-time setup will guide you through the process of setting up rooms, groups and favourites.

Can you turn on and off multiple switches at the same time?

Yes, using the Groups feature.

How much electricity can I save?

Our detailed power usage reports will help you understand where power is being used and wasted unnecessarily. The automation solution will equip you with remote control to curb wastage.

What can i automate with your device?

Well, You can control and monitor power for any load connected to it. We have models including 10A & 30A. Also, It supports resistive, inductive and capacitive load.

Can i integrated it with 3rd party application or Hub?

No, Product is fully managed. We do not allow it to integrate it with other applications or hardware at this stage.

How to reset device?

Turn wall switches on and off for  7 times. It will beep 5 times indicating it has been reset. For 2 gang switches please turn both switches on and off at the same time.

What is hardware specification?

You can access detailed specification at the last page of installation guide.

How fast your device works?

If you turn on or off your switch from USA, it takes around 1 second. Oh, You can check status of you switches from USA too.

Can i use it without wall switch?

Absolutely, Just install product according to gang box installation guide.

How to configure devices?

Detailed installation and configuration guides are available at link here

Can only tech savvy people use it?

Not at all. The simple and intuitive user interface (UI) enables just about anyone to use it. The mobile application is simple to navigate and operate. Once a device is configured, it works as easy as the switch on the wall.

Can I still use the wall switches?

Yes. As you turn on or off a manual switch it will be reflected on your mobile application in the blink of an eye.

Does it work if my internet is not working?

Yes, it works when your internet is down. However, you can only access from within your home Wi-Fi network range.

Is your device difficult to install?

Not at all, standard installation time is 15-20 minutes

How long is the warranty for product?

We offer 3 years hardware warranty.

Can i access your hardware from voice commands?

Our team is working to integrate device with Google Home,Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Software will be deployed to existing and new devices with our OTA system.

Is your hardware safe to use?

Yes, Product has been tested and certified with Australian standards.

Where do you source your hardware from?

Product is proudly designed, developed and made in Melbourne. We neither import hardware nor white label it from someone else.

Where are your servers located?

Servers are hosted in Australia and we comply with Australian law and standards.

How will you deploy new features?

Device is OTA enabled. As far as it is connected to internet, it will download new software when available. You will not even notice it.

PowerPoints(GPO) switches will work same as wall switch?

No, PowerPoints switches are internally connected and we do not have access to them. Product can be used inline with GPOs.

Do I need any specialised device or hub for your product to work?

No, You don’t require any specialised device or hub.