Why Skytrack

Ensuring Safety of Lone Workers and meeting Employer’s ‘Duty of Care’

SkyTrack personal Duress Alarm

Ensuring the safety of employees that work alone is every employers’ responsibility, and SkyTrack allows you to manage your Duty of Care with ease. The new XT403 duress device gives employers peace of mind by being able to automate scheduled staff wellbeing checks using Telstra 4G network coverage, with GPS & WiFi positioning modes, which means no more making calls or sending texts to check on the well-being of staff onsite or needing to ensure someone stands by in case the lone worker requires assistance.

People that work alone (where they cannot be seen or heard by another person and cannot expect a visit from another person), either as an employee or business owner, are at a higher risk of stress and risk of injury. Employers that don’t make provisions for staff working alone risk lower productivity and higher stress levels amongst staff and may face litigation is found to be in breach of the Work Health and Safety Act.

Penalties for Corporations failing to comply with health and safety duties in the Work Health and Safety Act are upwards of $250,000.

Why SkyTrack?

SkyTrack is Australia’s leading supplier of personal duress alarms to lone workers. With its headquarters in Melbourne, SkyTrack Australia combines the world’s best personal duress alarms, Australian R&D, and an Australian based 24/7 monitoring centre to reduce risk and improve the safety of lone workers.

SkyTrack understands that whilst it’s not always hazardous to work alone, circumstances can change quickly and situations become a high risk to lone workers’ safety depending on the type of work or its location, whether they’re dealing with clients or members of the general public, tools required, etc, that may cause an accident or personal injury.

This is why our man down safety alarm is the perfect 24/7 security monitoring device essential for:

Eessential for:

How does SkyTrack work?

The SkyTrack lone worker safety solution is the most comprehensive way to protect your workers. Employees that work alone, at isolated or remote locations, at heights/basements, will have access to the SkyTrack panic alarm as the first line of assistance should it be required  – either by the worker themselves if feeling at risk or by the employer monitoring for a period of time because of a perceived risk.

The SkyTrack Personal Safety Solution is easy to implement and administer as per the needs of your organisation. The device provides your lone workers access to discreet, within reach, 24/7 panic alarm monitoring, providing comprehensive protection and support.

Help when you need it most

SkyTrack with Accessories

While carrying SkyTrack duress alarms, help is just a button press away. The Australian based Control Room staff will receive the request for help along with the worker’s current location. They will make contact through the device, verify the emergency, and contact the appropriate emergency services on the employer’s behalf. If requested, the nearest available private security patrol can also be dispatched to the location.

Automated welfare checks

Many organisations require employees to check in at regular intervals via a call, SMS or using a custom app. Using SkyTrack, this process can be fully automated. When activated, the device will remind staff to check-in at predefined intervals, by pressing the check-in button. If a check-in is missed, a failed check-in alarm is raised. Each check-in is recorded with date, time and location allowing for detailed historical reporting.​

​Fall & motionless detection

SkyTrack devices are equipped with fall & motion detection which can be optionally configured for greater peace of mind. While carrying SkyTrack devices, if a sudden fall or a period of inactivity is detected, the device will sound an alert. If for any reason the lone worker is unable to acknowledge the alert, an alarm together with their current location is sent to SkyTrack’s Control Room operators who will follow up and dispatch assistance.SkyTrack Features

SkyTrack Features

  • Small in size, big on features.
  • Telstra 3G/4G network coverage
  • Up to 5 days battery life
  • 2 ways of charging – docking station & on the go USB lead
  • Integrated belt clip & optional safety lanyard carry options
  • GPS & WiFi positioning modes
  • 5 minute regular tracking updates / increases to every minute after SOS alarm
  • 10 customisable alarms events (SOS/Duress, Fail to check-in, Check-in, Person down/Fall, Motionless, Low battery, Enter/Exit predefined location, Speeding, Turn on/off)
  • Rugged, shock and water resistant design

Know where your staff are with our reporting & tracking platform

SkyTrack‘s online tracking and reporting platform provide live and historical access to all information collected by their devices meaning that organisations can run reports to see places visited, time spent on site, or a history of any alarms raised and schedule reports to run daily/weekly/monthly and have these delivered straight to your inbox.

SkyTrack develops and hosts their platform in Australia. Their data never leaves Australia and SkyTrack can customise the platform to meet the needs of your organisation.

Return on Investment

Financial budgets are always a consideration but the costs of not providing your Lone Workers access to assistance if required may become a lot higher and include:

  • Loss of work time in the event of an injury
  • Disability /Worker Compensation claims
  • Medical / Legal expenses
  • Hiring and retraining costs in the event the worker is unable to return to work due to an injury
  • Potential civil liability in the event a death is deemed preventable
  • Federal and/or state WHS citations