Staff Safety

SkyTrack Australia has been supplying duress alarms to Australian hospitals since 2012. We have seen our duress alarms adopted by customers in a wide variety of industries to help protect lone workers. These include:

  • Support workers and carers
  • Patient and aged care
  • Women’s shelters
  • Building inspectors and auditors
  • Essential service workers
  • Working at heights
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Onsite council workers
  • Parking inspectors
  • Healthcare workers
  • School crossing attendants
  • School excursion teachers
  • Real estate agents
SkyTrack personal Duress Alarm

Help when you need it most
Whilst carrying Skytrack, help is just a button press away. Our Australian based Control Room staff will receive your request for help along with your current location. They will make contact through the device, verify the emergency, and contact the appropriate emergency services on your behalf. If requested, the nearest available private security patrol can also be dispatched to your location.

Automated welfare checks
Many organisations require their community-based workers to check in at regular intervals by making a call, sending an SMS or using a custom app. Using our duress alarms, this process can be fully automated. When activated, the device will remind staff to check-in at predefined intervals, by pressing the check-in button. If a check-in is missed, a failed check-in alarm is raised. Each check-in is recorded with date, time and location allowing for detailed historical reporting.

Fall & motionless detection
Our devices are equipped with fall & motion detection which can be optionally configured for greater peace of mind. While carrying our devices, if a sudden fall or a period of inactivity is detected, the device will sound an alert. If for any reason you are unable to acknowledge the alert, an alarm together with your current location is sent to our Control Room operators who will follow up and dispatch assistance.