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3 Important Reasons Why Your Preschool or Childcare Centre Should Install an Access Latch

Access Latch on Gate to a Preschool or Kindergarten

If you’re working with young children in a kinder, preschool or childcare centre, you’ll no doubt be used to entering and exiting via a MagnaLatch® childproof gate system. While for most of us, this is something we probably just do on autopilot, for people of short stature and those in a wheelchair, it can be a major hurdle due to the height of the childproof lock.

In Australia, safety gate systems such as Magnalatch® are used in early learning, childcare settings and community playgrounds to keep children safe and ensure compliance with the applicable legal and safety requirements. However, the one issue with the product to date has been the height of the lock, which sits at around 1500–1600 mm from the ground. At this height, any visitors, staff or clients who are in a wheelchair or of short stature are unable to reach the lock, meaning they are unable to enter or exit the premises independently.

Closeup of Access Latch on Childcare Gate

The good news is, that’s about to change! The AccessLatch is a fantastic new product that can quickly and easily be installed to Magnalatch® safety gate systems, allowing them to be opened from a lower height while remaining child safe and compliant with requirements.

So if you’re looking for a simple, affordable, no-power solution you can add to your preschool or childcare centre’s safety gate system to make it accessible to all, read on to discover more about the AccessLatch.

AccessLatch = Equal access for all

No matter your sector or industry, these days every organisation has a responsibility to provide equal access to people of all abilities. There are now many more workplaces, businesses and community spaces that include features like ramps and accessible car parks, that allow access to people of all abilities—however, there remain some barriers that require attention. 

For example, the height of locks on safety gates means that those in a wheelchair and of short stature are unable to gain access to the premises. Thankfully, more and more simple, affordable solutions are becoming available to solve access issues, and AccessLatch is a great example of this. Once installed, it removes the barrier of height for anyone attending your preschool or childcare centre who is of short stature or in a wheelchair, allowing them to gain access quickly, easily and independently.

Simple, affordable, zero-hassle solution 

Access Latch & Alert  Alarm Magnalatch ML3ATP

For some businesses, the belief that accessibility and access solutions are difficult to implement and expensive to design and install is a barrier to taking action. And while some solutions do require significant changes, the AccessLatch is a simple add-on to your existing or new Magnalatch® safety gate system that is really easy to install and inexpensive to buy. The AccessLatch is essentially a key-operated base unit that allows the gate to be opened from a lower height with the use of an MLAK key. This provides instant access to those who need it while maintaining child safety standards and compliance with the relevant requirements.

No power saves you time and money

Access Latch with MLAK Key

Not only do electric and battery-operated units cost money to run, but they also require ongoing maintenance checks to keep them operating effectively. With the smart key-operated design of the AccessLatch, you can forget about the hassle of replacing batteries or maintaining a power source. The lock barrel of the unit is conveniently fitted with a standard PD barrel used for restricted access keys so that all that is needed for access is an MLAK key that’s available from local councils. Alternatively, if your preschool or centre prefers to use a unique key for access, a locksmith can simply re-key the barrel to suit your requirements.

Equal access can be as simple as that

As AccessLatch demonstrates, providing equal access for all can be simple and hassle-free. Not only is it 100% Australian-made, but it is also designed to comply with the relevant Australian standards and comes with a 10-year replacement warranty for total confidence and peace of mind. So if you’re keen for your preschool, kinder, childcare or early learning centre to be accessible and welcoming to all, the AccessLatch could be the ideal solution. 

If you have a question about AccessLatch or any of our other products, contact our team on 1300 994 890. We’re always happy to offer expert advice and guidance to help you provide equal access to all.