Blue Bollards & Wheel Stops

Blue Flexible Disabled Carpark Bollards

The concept of ‘Universal Design’ (UD) is simple in nature, yet requires careful consideration to execute successfully and for people with vision impairment, the built environment can create unintentional barriers if a holistic view is not taken.

An example of this is the required bollard for accessible car parking spaces as required by AS 2890.6.

Whilst the standard requires the provision of a bollard, it does not, however, prescribe any requirements on the design of the bollard. This has resulted in the copious number of calls to our office from people that have reversed into them (are you listening Bunnings?) seeking advice on whether they are non-compliant. Sadly for them, as I mentioned earlier, there are no requirements which is why we recommend the be coloured Disability Blue to contrast against the yellow line marking stripes and 1300mm high so they can be seen out the back of a vehicles rear window.

NOTE: The price difference between states and territories is due to shipping costs from Victoria

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Showing all 6 results