Strap n Go Childcare Safety Rope


Material Nylon
Length 360cm
Straps 12
Carry Bag 40cm x 32cm

240 in stock (can be backordered)

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The EvacuLife Grab n Go Childcare Walking Rope provides a safe way to control and look after children during group outings and with its bright colors, it is appealing to kids too. Made with durable nylon webbing that is lightweight yet strong, this rope is both washable and reliable in any situation. The Velcro wrist straps provide added security strategically placed at 50cm intervals to allow enough space between each child so there is no risk of cross-infection from common illnesses such as coronavirus/covid, gastro or flu.

This makes it an ideal solution for early childhood classrooms, kindergarten and nursery school trips. Additionally, the walking rope can be used for emergency evacuations if needed. Get your hands on the EvacuLife Grab n Go Childcare Walking Rope today – it’s sure to make outdoor excursions easier and more secure for you and your children!